School Day and Afterschool Alignment


Growing evidence suggests that intentional linkages between school day and afterschool programming can help support children’s learning and development. We are working to increase this alignment with our  Align for Success Project in partnership with United Way of Salt Lake, Utah Education Policy Center, and the Charles S. Mott Foundation. Our collective goals are to identify: 1) evidence-based practices between school day and afterschool alignment; and  2) best methods to disseminate actionable information on a state and national level.


Several afterschool program leaders in the greater Salt Lake area comprise the Align for Success Project Cohort. They will utilize the newly created Align for Success tools and receive technical assistance provided by UAN to strengthen their school day and afterschool alignment. Best practices and advice from each program will help guide this work.

2019-2020 Participating Schools 

  • Promise South Salt Lake

    • Cottonwood High School
    • Granite Park Junior High
    • James E. Moss Elementary School 
    • Lincoln Elementary School 
    • Woodrow Wilson Elementary School 
    • Roosevelt Elementary School 
  • Salt Lake County Youth Services

    • David Gourley Elementary School 
    • Kearns Junior High School 
    • South Kearns Elementary School 
    • West Kearns Elementary School 
    • Millcreek Elementary School 
  • Canyons School District

    • Sandy Elementary School 
    • Midvale Elementary School 
    • East Midvale Elementary School 
    • Copperview Elementary School
  • Salt Lake School District 

    • Backman Elementary School 
    • Edison Elementary School 
    • Franklin Elementary School 
    • Meadowlark Elementary School 
    • M.W. Jackson Elementary School 
    • North Star Elementary School 
    • Parkview Elementary School 
    • Riley Elementary School 
  • YMCA of Northern Utah 

    • Fremont Elementary School
  • Entheos Academy

Task Force

School day and afterschool staff and administration from the cohort organizations make up the Align for Success Task Force. Task force members are committed to creating common language around school day and afterschool alignment, as well as steering the direction and creation of the school alignment toolkit.

2019-2020 Participanting Organizations

  • Copperview Elementary
  • East Midvale Elementary
  • Salt Lake County Youth Services
  • Promise South Salt Lake
  • United Way of Salt Lake
  • Utah Education Policy Center
  • Entheos Academy
  • Salt Lake City School District
  • Utah PTA
  • Utah State Board of Education
  • Department of Workforce Services Office of Childcare
  • YMCA of Nothern Utah 

Align for Success Self-Assessment Rubric and Tool Kit

If you’d like to receive the self-assessment rubric and the tool kit, please complete this request form for additional information.

pdfAlign for Success Infographic