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Quality Tool results are due on November 15, 2019.

The Utah Afterschool Program Quality Assessment and Improvement Tool (Quality Tool) and Action Plan assist afterschool programs at any stage of development to assess their progress and growth and ensure they are following best practices.

The Quality Tool was developed by a diverse group of stakeholders and is supported by the Department of Workforce Services Office of Child Care and the Utah State Board of Education.

It outlines standards in four areas and is applicable to all types of afterschool and community school programs serving youth of all ages. It may be used in conjunction with other formal and informal evaluation methods to help programs identify strengths and needs and inform continuous improvement efforts and plans.

Programs complete the Action Plan after completing the Quality Tool to assess goals set at the beginning of the school year.

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Quality Review Process

  • Learn how to complete the quality self-assessment process and how to identify action items that your program will implement over the course of the school year by using the pdfQuality Assessment Tool and Improvement Plan Guide.
  • Select your Quality Tool review team. Use this Program Review Team Worksheet to help you select individuals to participate in your Quality Tool team.
  • Distribute Quality Tool PDFs to your review team.
  • Review team completes individual reviews and identifies action items in assigned Quality Area.
  • As you review each Quality Tool area, determine and document Action Plan goals and objectives using the pdfAction Plan Worksheet.
  • Submit your Quality Tool Results by November 15, 2019.

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