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The goal of the Utah Afterschool Program Quality Assessment and Improvement Tool and Action Plan is to assist afterschool programs at any stage of development, appraise their progress in four quality areas, and to promote relevant training and other strategies for ongoing program improvement. Programs will complete the Action Plan while completing the Quality Tool to assess goals set at the beginning of the current school year. The Quality Tool has been developed by a statewide committee comprised of diverse afterschool providers and is supported by the Utah Afterschool Network, the Department of Workforce Services Office of Child Care, and the Utah State Board of Education.

The Quality Tool outlines standards in four areas and is applicable to all types of afterschool and community school programs serving youth of all ages. It may be used in conjunction with other formal and informal evaluation methods to help programs identify strengths and needs, and inform continuous improvement efforts and plans.

The Quality Assessment and Improvement Tool and Action Plan will be open September 1 - November 17, 2017. 

STEP 1: Download and Print Pre-Quality Review Materials

Quality Assessment Tool and Action Plan Guide Learn about how to select your quality review team, how to complete the quality self-assessment process, and how to identify action items that your program will implement over the course of the school year.

Program Review Team Worksheet Utilize this form to provide you with guidance in selecting individuals to participate in your quality self-assessment team.

Program Information WorksheetDue in May, the Program Information Worksheet should be reviewed at the beginning of the year to ensure that you have methods in place to track all required demographic, program, and attendance data throughout the school year. 

This information is utilized by the Utah Afterschool Network, the Department of Workforce Services Office of Childcare, the State Board of Education, and the Utah Education Policy Center to gage program growth, increases in quality, and coverage gaps throughout the state. This information is also utilized in State of the State reports and legislative and other government education and advocacy to support afterschool throughout the state.

Action Plan Worksheet - Use this form as you review each Quality Tool area to document identified goals and objectives.

The Quality Self Assessment (The Quality Tool) - All four areas of the Quality Tool are available as fillable and printable PDFs, which you can distribute to your review team and complete over the course of the next few months. (**The fillable form must be downloaded and saved before using, otherwise changes made to the document will not be saved**)

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STEP 2: Quality Review Process

  1. Select your Quality Review Committee.
  2. Distribute Quality Tool PDFs to review team.
  3. Review team completes individual reviews and identifies action items in assigned Quality Area.
  4. Review all areas as team and determine overall Action Plan goals.

STEP 3:  Submit Quality Self Assessment and Action Plan by November 17, 2017.

This year the Action Plan and Quality Tool submission are aligned, so you only have to complete one submission.

Click here to submit your Quality Self Assessment and Action Plan.

STEP 4: Submit Program Information Worksheet 

  • The Program Information Form will be open for submission April 1 - May 25, 2018.

Quality Tool Area Resources

  • For resources, Go to OST Topics for great curriculum and resources.



If you have any questions or are in need of assistance utilizing the Quality Tool or any of the resources, please contact UAN at 801-359-2722 or contact an OST Specialist.