Utah Afterschool Network School-Age Credential


NAA CoreComp InfographicThe Utah Afterschool Network (UAN) School-Age Credential was inspired by the processes and observation tools used to obtain the Child Development Associate (CDA), the Military School-Age Credential, the Michigan School-Age Youth Development Credential, and the Missouri Youth Development Credential. It is also aligned with the National Afterschool Association Core Knowledge and Competencies for Afterschool and Youth Development Professionals (NAA-CKCs). The NAA-CKCs provide a foundation of 10 content areas in which professionals should increase their knowledge and skills through ongoing training and education. 


The UAN School-Age Credential is currently available to childcare providers working with school-age youth (ages 5-12) in a licensed, center-based setting in Utah. Unfortunately, those not working in this type of setting are not eligible for the UAN School-Age Credential at this time.


Candidates must fulfill each of the following requirements:

  • Complete 120 hours of training within the past 5 years related to working with school-age youth within 10 competency areas (as outlined on the Competency Area Overview above).
  • Complete 480 hours of work experience in a center-based setting with school-age youth. 
  • Maintain a current, free membership with the National Afterschool Association.
  • Subscribe to the Utah Afterschool Network newsletter.
  • Complete Level Two of the National Afterschool Association Core Knowledge and Competencies Self-Assessment Tool.
  • Receive an observation from an approved, external evaluator.

Once completed, the UAN School-Age Credential is valid for three years. To maintain a valid Credential, applicants may renew their Credential before expiration. 


There is no application fee for the UAN School-Age Credential, however, a $100 observation fee is required as compensation for the approved, external evaluator. Scholarships for this cost are available through UAN's partnership with the Department of Workforce Services, Office of Child Care and the Utah Registry for Professional Development.

If you'd like to receive the application materials, please complete this request for information.

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