How to Engage

Why Get Involved?

Generally speaking, elected officials and their staff make policy. They appropriate money for afterschool programs through school, city, state and federal budgets. They also decide how funds can be used, what training or supports may be offered and what activities should take place in afterschool programs they fund. They create the policy.

It is also the job of these policy makers to represent you – the constituent. Your opinion on issues is extremely important to them. If they don’t respond to your viewpoints, they are likely to lose their jobs.

That’s why it is so important to tell your elected officials about issues that matter to you. There are THREE ways you can easily get involved. Pick the one that works for you and ask your legislator to support afterschool programs in Utah.


1.) Make an appointment with your legislator

This is by far the most valuable way to educate your legislator. Worried about the talking points? Contact UAN and we will help you with your message.


2.) Call your legislator

A phone call is another effective way to voice your concerns to your legislator and impart a personal touch to your request. When you call your legislator, it is important to be clear, concise and direct. Use the Utah Legislature website to find your local legislators and the Contact Your Government Officials to find your federal Represenatives and Senators and their contact information.

Afterschool Program Talking Points


3.) Send your legislator a letter

Hearing from a constituent informs your legislators' decision making. It will only take a minute of your time and will draw their attention to current legislation that impacts afterschool programs in Utah.

For your convenience, we created a template you can use to send to your federal Represenatives and Senators about the importance of 21st Century Community Learning Center funding. Please insert your program's information in the highlighted sections and make the letter your own. The more information about your program needs, outcomes, and data the better. You are also welcome to use the statewide data found in the letter UAN is going to send. Let's flood their offices with letters and emails!

21st CCLC Letter Template