March 17, 2021

Spring into Healthy Habits

By Kristen Knoche |  

Now that winter is starting to melt into spring, flowers are popping up and so is the topic of health and wellness. Washing hands, mental health, and practicing good hygiene have been highly emphasized since  the beginning of Covid. However, some other important health practices may need to be pulled out of hibernation. Here are some strategies I’ve found helpful in forming new habits. 


I’ve seen a lot of afterschool programs use schedules to ensure that everything important gets done. Incorporating healthy practices into a well managed schedule can make sure that healthy practices become a priority and don’t get forgotten. For example, you can schedule in stretch breaks, mindfulness activities, or water breaks during transition times. 

bubbles.jpegConscious Creativity

Have you ever done heel raises while waiting in line? What about adding a banana into your cereal? I have found  that there are a lot of ways that I can change what I’m already doing to make it  healthier. We all know kids spend a lot of time at school sitting in chairs. Try having them work on an art project standing at a table instead of sitting to help increase blood flow. When you find natural ways of incorporating good practices into your program, you’re more likely to continue doing them!

Accountability and Social Support

I heard the quote by John Paul Warren, “Together we’re better.” I feel like this is applicable when setting up healthy habits. Have you ever noticed when you involve others in planning or setting goals, that there is more ownership and accountability? Some simple strategies for sticking with your health goals could include having youth remind each other and their leader daily, filling in a group tracking chart, or assigning youth accountability buddies.

Implementing these tips is a great start to getting back into healthy practices but aren’t the only ways. Now that you have some ideas and tools in your back pocket, how will you “Spring” into action? 


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