August 21, 2019

Back to School | From a Youth

We know afterschool programs work for kids all year long and help them stay on track for graduation. JeuneElle Jeffries with the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Utah asked one of her youth how the afterschool program has helped prepare her for the upcoming school year and what this time of year is like for her.

By Mila, a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Utah and a sophomore at Box Elder High School

I think afterschool programs are absolutely amazing for kids and teenagers. I, myself, have been going to my afterschool club since the third grade. I am now going into tenth grade. The Boys and Girls Club has helped me on many levels throughout the 6 years I've been there. My social skills have improved, I've gained a lot of friends, and had lots and lots of homework help. 

How the Club Helps Kids

Boys and Girls Club is especially helpful when it comes time to go back to school. The program keeps you on a schedule throughout the summer so you aren't completely thrown off when you get back to a school schedule. Club provides programs to keep your brain sharp too. Programs such as Brain Gain and Triple Play include activities that keep your brain up and running for the school year. As a teen, you do a lot of activities the little kids are not able to do, including field trips. I have gone to many places with the Boys and Girls Club that I never would have been to before. Overall, the Boys and Girls Club is a place that every kid needs in their life.

On Track for Success

For me it’s important to spend a lot of time planning for school. To graduate high school you need 30 credits. 10.5 out of the 30 credits are made up of electives, so you have a good mix of what you want to do and what you have to do. Band and Spanish are my favorite classes to take. As a sophomore, some of the required classes are world civics, language Arts/English, and physical education. 

Now as far as clothes go, you definitely need to get comfy clothes that are within dress code. Along with clothes, you'll need school supplies. School supplies include a big sturdy backpack, folders for each class, glue sticks, scissors, mechanical pencils, colored pencils, and the most important thing you need is a computer at home. Many kids use the computers at the Club because they don’t have one at home or the internet at home. Many kids also get their backpacks and school supplies from the Club. They even give kids hoodies or new clothes to get them ready for school.

My Summer Job at the ClubBG_Club_Youth_Photo.jpg

This summer I haven't been the best at keeping in touch with all of my friends, but when I do, we mainly use social media. We also like to hang out whenever we can. I always look forward to seeing my friends in the school year, too. For lots of kids, including me, I met many of my friends at the Club. The Club has kids from lots of schools, so when I went to middle school I already knew so many kids! This summer I have been at the Club a lot, not just to play, but I helped mentor the younger kids. This summer the Club was a part time job for me. I helped with cleaning and program prep. It gave me some money to use to get ready for school. Afterschool programs make it so lots and lots of kids are ready for school and will be successful.