August 13, 2019

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Here at UAN, we’re getting ready for another school year full of doing what we do best: supporting the afterschool programs that serve youth and families from Bear Lake to Monument Valley. Part of that support comes in the form of professional development, and to kick off the year we’ve called upon one of our frequent flyers to share some insights on her programs’ experience with the variety of trainings and support UAN has to offer. (Looking for support? Email us!)

By Alisa Morley | 

It has been quite a ride joining the afterschool team! Three years ago we were able to start an afterschool program in Carbon County, which included all five of our elementary schools. 

The Utah Afterschool Network (UAN) has been nothing but supportive through the whole process, and we have appreciated the value they have placed on helping us create a quality program for our students and their families. When we started this process, many of us were new to afterschool, but right off the bat, we could see the benefits it afforded our students. UAN was right there helping us understand what supports were available to offer experiences our kids would never forget. Our program is called The Rising Raptors – Rising Above Barriers. We feel like afterschool has done exactly that for many of our students. 


Here in Carbon County, and with our families being pulled in many different directions, it is wonderful to have UAN to offer help and support. Some of the excellent programs and curriculums we are able to offer students and their families include:

  • Write-Brain Books
  • Every Monday Matters
  • Math Hoops
  • Lego Robotics
  • Why Try curriculum

Along with these awesome programs, we have received professional development in a variety of areas including behavior management, resiliency, and mindset. I asked two of my site coordinators within Carbon School District what UAN has offered them, and here’s what they said:

"Having UAN’s guidance and resources available to us is priceless and something I truly appreciate as a relatively new site coordinator of an afterschool program. It is also valuable to have opportunities to get individualized feedback and advice from others in the field whenever needed. I truly feel we would probably be flying by the seat of our pants without the structural and behavioral blueprint provided by the Utah Afterschool Network."

"I love the Jump Start and Recharge conferences! There are always a variety of topics that I glean from them that help us improve. I also appreciated the Behavior Management Institute training. I still have room to improve, but then again isn't life about becoming better all the time? I also appreciate the newsletters. I will admit I don't always read all of them in their entirety, but I love the suggestions they include….during the school year I know I could call or email our Out-of-School Time Specialist, and they would be able to answer any questions I had. I appreciated their caring attitude."

Overall, UAN is a wonderful support to the important afterschool work that affects thousands of youth in Utah. They do an awesome job and help keep us all going! THANK YOU, UAN!

Alisa Morley is the Grant Director of the Afterschool Programs in Carbon School District.

Editor's note: If you're interested in learning more about what UAN does, check out our Menu of Services! You can even join Alisa and her afterschool team at our upcoming Jump Start Conference this November!