Behavior Management Training that "Sticks"

ost-model_800.jpgAre you an OST supervisor who has found it challenging to train staff in behavior management strategies in a way that leads to long-lasting skill development?  The National Afterschool Matters Fellowship program and the National Institute on Out of School Time have supported the development of OST Training's new research-based curriculum designed for supervisory staff to train frontline staff in behavior management strategies. The curriculum has been designed specifically to meet the unique needs of an OST workforce - training is divided into bite-sized 15-30 minute portions designed to be incorporated into regular team meetings, topics include issues that come up on a daily basis in OST programs, and the system is extremely cost-effective.  

Each curriculum set includes 28 cards that guide staff through prevention strategies, intervention techniques, group discussions, and reflections, all contributing to lasting staff skill development.  Click here and navigate to minute 25 to learn more about this curriculum. 



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