Academic Support & Additional School Subjects

Read to Lead by Classroom Inc.

Read to Lead invites students to practice reading, writing and 21-century skills through fun and engaging workplace simulations. The program provides performance reports to help you set up interventions, re-teach a lesson, or assign specific games to help differentiate instruction. You can access common core reading anchor standards and support your students SEL competencies. Signing up, for free, will give you access to prepare your lesson, have your students play the game as well as set up discussion prompts for follow up activities. The platform uses Google Translate and has a build-in dictionary to help students as they play and read.

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Finance in the Classroom

A website for high-quality personal finance materials for k-12 educators, students and parents. Finance in the Classroom is the place to help you prepare Utah's youth to be money smart.

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Designed with students and educators in mind, Explora provides a safe, trustworthy environment for students to look up articles and facts for research papers, class projects or homework. The elementary school version highlights relevant, reliable, and age-appropriate content that’s easy and fun for young learners to search and explore. The middle school version features reliable content and  easy-to-use functionality to help  high school students conduct research.


Middle School 


The Leonardo Exhibit Guides and Lesson Plans

The Leonardo is committed to providing resources to k-12 educators to support them in the classroom and while on field trips to their museum. Resources they offer include in-depth guides to their regular exhibits and varied lesson plans and experiments, such as bubble bombs, hot air balloons, and hunting for algae.

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PBS Learning Media Utah

PBS has curated a broad assortment of videos, interactives, lesson plans, and other learning aids. Subjects covered encompass STEM, social studies, literacy, arts, language, health, and more. Content is sorted by both category and grade level, encompassing pre-k through 12th grade.

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Utah Education Network

UEN has hundreds of web resources for educators and students. You can see them all on this "one-stop-shopping" page. Filter by subject or search by key word. Be sure to check out the lesson plan library and resources by subject tabs.

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PBS Teachers Lounge

PBS Teachers Lounge is a collection of blog posts on a myriad of topics, tech tools and tricks, virtual professional development opportunities, and more. While the site is designed for young children, there are useful resources for older youth as well.

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Bonbon Break: Great Apps to Help with Homework

Bonbon has compiled a list of apps and reviews that can help youth with their homework. The list includes the age range most appropriate for each resource as well as how it is accessed.

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Virtual Museum / STEM / Diversity

The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum (LVM) is an innovative bi-lingual lab for online games, simulations and virtual worlds that highlights Smithsonian arts and science collections. The LVM enhances visitor knowledge and appreciation of Latino cultural heritage through online activities. The LVM Teacher Toolkit supports educators with integrating this robust collection of on-line resources into their existing STEM +Arts programs.

Learn More Fun Math For Kids

Provides fun matching games, place value gams and a wide variety of hands-on project ideas.

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The Afterschool Guide for Creating Outstanding Learning Games

Whether the focus is math, science, geography, history or literacy, these fun learning games help to keep youth engaged.

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Junior Achievement USA

Junior Achievement is inspiring and preparing people to succeed in a global economy. They provide programs that help students demonstrate a significant understanding of economics and business concepts.

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The Math Learning Center

MLC offers a large collection of free lessons and publications, including story books and student practice books.

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Math Goodies

Get math help on a multitude of different subjects. This includes, lessons, interactives, worksheets, games, and puzzles. 

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Concept to Classroom Workshops 

This site features a series of FREE, self-paced workshops covering a wide variety of hot topics in education. Be sure to check out the After-School Programs-From Vision to Reality workshop.

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Literacy Resources 

Brightly believes reading has the power to illuminate kids' lives and connect families by facilitating a space in which children and the adults in their lives can spend quality time together. They also know how hard it can be to find the right book to keep children engaged as they grow, which is why they have made this their specialty.

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Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide 

This guide informs parents and caregivers on how to monitor youth progress while their access and use technology for learning. It aims to help identify that youth are on track in their digital learning and that they are staying safe.

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