Special Needs and Inclusion

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network

This brochure provides information and answers frequently asked questions about the inclusion of children with special needs in after-school care and summer and recreation programs, including information about relevant laws, tools, and strategies.

Afterschool Alliance

Children with activity limitations are often referred to as having special needs, or being disabled or differently-abled. This simply means that they are unable to participate fully in age-appropriate activities because of chronic physical, mental, emotional or behavioral conditions.

Childrens Specialized Org

The information in this publication will help explain the laws that impact afterschool programs and make clearer their varying responsibilities. Examples of real life situations and suggestions for best practices are included throughout the booklet to provide actual observations on how to better arrange and provide accommodations. A Resource Page on federal and state education, civil rights laws and afterschool child care is also provided to assist you with finding additional information and services.

California Afterschool Resource Center

The California Department of Education and the After School Program Division are committed to the inclusion of students with special needs in the programs they fund.

Utah Parent Center

The Utah Parent Center offers free parent-to-parent support through individual consultations, trainings, workshops, and conferences. They have free information and resources along with online resources, videos, and webinars.