Organization: YMCA of Northern Utah
Under the guidance of the Youth Development Director, the Licensing and Grant Fidelity Coordinator is a ¾ time position (up to 35 hours per week) with full-time benefits. The Licensing and Grant Fidelity Coordinator provides day-to-day management of Childcare Licensing requirements and guidance in grant fidelity to include curriculum usage, lesson planning, and staff management. This position is also responsible for establishing and maintaining grant fidelity checks to ensure that all sites are meeting standards for grant compliance. The Licensing and Grant Fidelity Coordinator will work with the Youth Development Director to ensure that our Activities Specialists are current on training and data tracking. This position will work with the organization’s Grant Development and Management Director to ensure that all needs for the different grants are being met in a timely and positive manner. The Licensing and Grant Fidelity Coordinator will also work directly with Site Coordinators to identify curriculum and lesson plans needed for school and summer programming to ensure that all needs are being met at the sites. This position will mainly work from 10-5pm, Monday - Friday, but some flexibility is allowed to ensure equal support for all programs and facility.
1. Manage Childcare Licensing requirements to include: paperwork, inspections, background checks.
2. Staff/Program Management in which you are responsible for minor decisions regarding routine problems
where precedents have been established. Proactive in management techniques. Capable of instructing,
directing, and supervising small group of employees at sites.
3. Risk Management in which you are responsible for the safety of program staff and participants with
concerns to lesson plans, materials, and implementations.
4. Build relationships with staff, students, and external contacts, in which you will create and maintain a
positive communication system.
5. Execution of grant requirements to include assessments, specified curriculum goals, data tracking and
6. General Duties to include necessary site paperwork, trainings, and other duties that are identified by
your direct supervisor.
7. Time Management in which you will work under the allowed
hours and site times.
8. Communicate with Youth Development Director in regards to all successes and challenges, on a
continuous basis.


1. 21 years of age or older.
2. Bachelor degree within a youth-focused field of study or Child Development Associate credential (CDA).
3. 1 - 3 years or more of experience working with school aged children preferred.
4. 1 - 2 years or more of supervisory experience preferred.
5. 1+ years experience in working with restricted grants strongly preferred.
6. Current Department of Child Care Licensing approved CPR/First Aid (must include infant/child certification); Food Handlers Permit (both earned within 30 days of employment).
7. Department of Child Care Licensing fingerprinting and background check (within 10 days of employment).
8. Completion of 2.5 hours of Department of Workforce training after hiring and prior to entering program.
9. Child Abuse Prevention Training (within 30 days of employment).
10. Prefer knowledge of, and previous experience with, diverse populations (language, culture, race, physical ability, sexual orientation, etc.). Ability to speak any language in addition to English may be helpful.
11. Computer Proficient

Job Details

Open Date: 07-31-2019
Close Date: 08-12-2019
Pay Rate: $15-$18
Job Status: Full Time


Stauffer, Adria