Organization: Boys & Girls Clubs of Utah County
Plans, implements, supervises and evaluates activities provided within a specific program area, such as Education, Special Education, Social Recreation, Fine Arts, STEM, and Physical Education.

KEY ROLES (Essential Job Responsibilities):

Prepare Youth for Success

Create an environment that facilitates the achievement of Youth Development Outcomes:

Promote and stimulate program participation;
Provide guidance and role modeling to members;
Ensure members are encouraged to participate in a variety of program areas/activities and receive instruction and constructive feedback to develop skills in program area(s).
Demonstrate leadership to assure conduct, safety and development of members.
Program Development and Implementation

Effectively implement and administer programs, services and activities for all members and visitors.
Monitor and evaluate programs, services and activities to ensure safety of members, quality in programs and appearance of the organization at all times.

Ensure a productive work environment by participating in weekly organization staff meetings.


May participate in special programs and/or events
Increase visibility of Club programs via end of month showcase.
Plan and coordinate a month long class that develops a skill as the end of each session.
Participate in weekly staff meetings.

Internal: Maintains close, daily contact with Club staff (professional and volunteer), Club members, and supervisor to receive/provide information, discuss issues, explain guidelines/ instructions; instruct; and advise/counsel.

External: Maintains contact with external community groups, schools, members’ parents and others to assist in resolving problems.


Spanish speaker
High School diploma or GED.
Experience in working with children.
Knowledge of youth development.
Ability to motivate youth and manage behavior problems.
Ability to deal with the general public.
Ability to plan and implement quality programs for youth.
Ability to organize and supervise members in a safe environment.
CPR and First Aid Certifications may be required.
Valid State Driver’s License

Job Details

Pay Rate: 10–12 an hour
Job Status: Part Time


Ostraff, Jenny