Organization: Spy Hop
Spy Hop is seeking local media artists to help teach our renowned summer camps and to substitute for other programs throughout the year, and we hope you might consider joining us! This is a new venture to bring in talented creatives from the community to share their craft and skills, and to inspire the next generation of creatives. We are taking this approach in response to the many artists we know who are looking for “gig-work” and who have voiced interest in teaching at Spy Hop, but just not full time. We want to incorporate your passion for sharing your artistry into our mission.

Spy Hop’s summer camps work with students ages 9-12 and blend digital and analog art into highly engaging and fun experiences for kids throughout the summer. Spy Hop has been providing campers with a caring counselor/mentor, hands-on instruction, and ample opportunities to connect and collaborate with their friends for 15+ years. With days that are jam-packed with equal parts play and project-based activities, kids have endless opportunities to have fun and make the art in their head come to life!

Artists wishing to teach must be available for the entirety of a programming week (Monday-Friday; AM session 8:30am-12:30pm, PM session 12:00pm-4:00pm) as well as a mandatory paid training week in May before summer programs begin. During this week you’ll receive training from our Director of Learning Design and Lead Mentors and spend dedicated time designing the curriculum for your camp.

Compensation for teaching a single camp will range from $550 - $750 per week depending on experience and $375 per week for training. Each week-long camp is 15 hours of teaching and 5 hours of prep/clean up. Teaching artists are required to be ready before students arrive for camps and pass a fingerprinted background check.

You would be hired as a part-time, seasonal employee. As such, Spy Hop will pay all applicable employer payroll taxes and workers compensation insurance. However, as a seasonal employee we won’t be able to offer you paid holidays or other benefits.

If you are interested, please email your resume and 1-2 program ideas to . You’ll be contacted via email to schedule a short phone interview and discuss employment details. Program copy does not need to be in final form. You will have the opportunity to develop your full program curriculum during mandatory training. A catchy name and fun activities will go a long way! Examples of program ideas could be:

• Mask Making & Big Time Puppet Movie: What do you want to create today? Remake your image as you spend the morning creating 2 different kinds of masks: paper mache and digital Snapchat filters. Then in the afternoon, you'll design and create puppets to use as you write, act in, and direct a collaborative puppet movie! Get crafty!
• Art From The Heart: Murals to GIFS: Work with your creative mind and your crafty hands in this artsy camp. In the morning you will work on large scale mural paintings and collages using images you create or find. In the afternoon you will learn about computer animation and GIF creation and learn to use Adobe software. It's the best of both worlds in this visual arts style camp.

Thanks so much for considering this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you!

Job Details

Open Date: 05-22-2023
Close Date: 08-04-2023
Pay Rate: $550-$750/week
Job Status: Part Time
PDF of Job Description: Download file


Mychael Johnson
Salt Lake City