Organization: Promise South Salt Lake
Under the direction of the Promise Deputy Director, the Promise South Salt Lake (PSSL) Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
Support Supervisor provides and guides SEL support in PSSL programs alongside SSL families and schools, improving
practices in ways that enhance social and emotional development. The Supervisor is responsible for providing professional
development for staff, recruiting and supervising Social Work student interns, assisting program sites with SEL and positive
behavior support for individual youth, SEL data collection and reporting, and guiding SEL policies and procedures.
● Provide SEL and mental health support and training for PSSL programs and community members to address
mental health and social emotional needs.
○ Plan and implement high-quality SEL and positive behavior support within PSSL youth programs, utilizing
an evidence-informed approach.
○ Address behavior needs in programs using appropriate behavior management techniques, problem
solving skills, and understanding of youth development.
○ Design and assist in the implementation of individualized behavior support plans, collaborating with PSSL
staff, youth, families, and school staff.
○ Visit program sites frequently in order to monitor and adjust support plans, communicating challenges
and successes with families and partners as appropriate.
○ Assist site staff in creating and maintaining a positive climate and culture that is inclusive and safe and
affirming/welcoming for all individuals, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, LGBTQ+
individuals, people from immigrant and refugee backgrounds, People with Disabilities, and people with
other marginalized identities.
○ Develop procedures and training materials for staff related to SEL and positive behavior support.
○ Provide professional learning opportunities for PSSL staff.
● Supervise Social Work Student Interns.
○ Provide structure and positive leadership for the SEL Social Work Interns and SEL staff team.
○ Collaborate with local colleges and universities to recruit staff and interns.
○ Ensure SEL team is meeting the needs of programs, schools, and the community.
● Collection of data and grant reporting.
○ Ensure grant requirements are met.
○ Collect required data relative to SEL and mental health.
○ Complete applicable grant reports, including data and narrative sections.
○ Use data to guide program structure and youth supports.
● Establish professional relationships with partner organizations.
○ Work closely with youth, PSSL staff, families, and schools to ensure adequate resources are provided.
○ Create new partnerships to enhance programming.
○ Develop relationships with various partners including school staff, City departments, and funders, and
collaborate on programs and activities such as Parent Teacher Conferences, parent engagement activities,
and city/community events
● Coordinate with the Community Engagement team to conduct home visits and other outreach to the community.
● Participate in PSSL Councils and Committees and supervise City events as assigned.
● Other duties as assigned.

Job Details

Open Date: 07-01-2022
Close Date: 07-15-2022
Pay Rate: $27.16/hr
Job Status: Full Time
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Smith, Tori
South Salt Lake