Organization: Promise South Salt Lake
The Promise South Salt Lake (PSSL) Deputy Director works under the direction of the PSSL Director, follows established
procedures, and performs a variety of duties that support the maintenance and expansion of the Promise South Salt Lake
Initiative through community and afterschool programs, activities, events, and citywide councils and committees.
● Coordinates and Oversees of community and afterschool programs
o Oversees activities and programming at assigned sites in order to implement menu of needs-driven,
high-quality programs and services in alignment with a community learning center model, including but not
limited to early childhood programs, expanded learning and enrichment opportunities, health services,
parent/family engagement, adult education, and interventions targeted to chronically absent students.
Supports a “cradle to career” pipeline of services as appropriate per site.
o Ensures safety of staff and participants in PSSL programs using evidence-based strategies.
o Develops, nurtures, and maintains relationships with partner agencies. Works in partnership with the
community, families, school principals, teachers, and other service providers to achieve desired results for
youth and families.
o Facilitates leadership teams at designated sites, composed of school administrators, teachers, parents,
youth, community representatives, and partners to coordinate service delivery.
● Assists in collecting, evaluating, and reporting out on outcomes data of strategies and programs
o Utilizes data to help facilitate conversations with PSSL stakeholders, center and school staff, community
partners, and site leadership teams.
o Assures that hours of operation and supervision in the centers are maximized to meet the needs of the
youth and families and the requirements of PSSL funding sources.
● Supervises PSSL Full Time Employees
o Directly and indirectly supervises full-time PSSL Coordinators and support staff and their work in programs,
councils, and committees.
o Develops plans, goals, and objectives for self and staff, monitoring and evaluating progress on a regular
basis. Ensures that plans are responsive to existing data, needs assessments, and overall PSSL goals.
o Develops, leads, and participates in training and technical assistance, and ensures adequate professional
development opportunities are available for staff through internal training institutes, external presenters,
program orientation manuals, and staff onboarding procedures.
o Oversees bi-annual staff reviews and improvement plans.
o Maintains a working knowledge of strategies to create and maintain high quality inclusive programs,
including but not limited to creating safe and affirming spaces, working with youth with special needs,
engaging refugee youth and families, guiding positive behaviors, and best practices for high impact Out of
School Time (OST) programming.
● Oversees grants and funding requirements
o Ensures grant reporting and data reporting requirements are met, including supporting timely and
accurate data entry.
o Supports school/community needs assessments, ensuring input from youth, parents, teachers, school
staff, and community members regarding needed programs and services.
o Implements approved grant action plans by establishing partnerships, co-locating resources (within the
schools when applicable), and connecting families and community to those resources utilizing the Family
Liaison team.
o Oversees budg

Job Details

Open Date: 07-01-2022
Close Date: 07-15-2022
Pay Rate: $26.87 - $40.64 / hr
Job Status: Full Time
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Smith, Tori
South Salt Lake