Organization: Promise South Salt Lake
Under the direction of the Promise South Salt Lake (PSSL) Coordinator, this position works directly with staff and
youth to provide a safe, responsible, well-supervised afterschool program. Assistant Coordinators provide positive
leadership and establish a structured program in order to give program participants the stability and nurturing
environment they need for growth and success.
● Assist the Center Coordinator in managing the entire operation of the program site.
○ Ensure all aspects of programming are meeting expectations per the program quality monitoring
○ Ensure the safety and order of youth and staff.
○ Create spaces that are safe and affirming/welcoming for all people, including Black, Indigenous,
and People of Color, LGBTQ+ individuals, people from immigrant and refugee backgrounds,
People with Disabilities, and people with other marginalized identities.
○ Assist with youth registration, caregiver communication, and managing the program waitlist.
○ Create and implement strategies to recruit and retain youth in programming.
○ Facilitate check in and check out of program participants.
○ Fill in for the Center Coordinator in their absence as needed.
● Plan and implement high-quality academic and enrichment programming within PSSL youth programs.
○ Lead and supervise small and large groups of youth and address behavior issues when they arise,
using appropriate behavior management techniques and problem-solving skills
○ Address academic and social/emotional needs in programs using appropriate teaching strategies,
problem solving skills, and understanding of youth development.
○ Assist in the implementation of individualized academic and behavior support plans,
collaborating with PSSL staff, youth, families, and school staff.
○ Support in budget management, mindful and timely spending of grant funds, and shopping.
○ Utilize trauma informed practices in all areas of work
● Assist in the supervision of Afterschool Group Leaders /Specialists, volunteers, and partners.
○ Provide structure and positive leadership for the staff team.
○ Support Afterschool Group Leaders and Afterschool Specialists in delivering developmentally
appropriate activities which address grant objectives and goals.
○ Pre-designate volunteer assignments, check in with volunteers regularly, and maintain volunteer
log to provide meaningful volunteer experiences.
● Assist in data collection and grant reporting.
○ Ensure grant requirements are met.
○ Collect required data (attendance, activity reports, surveys, etc.) and ensure daily reporting
requirements are met through PSSL data entry system
○ Complete applicable grant reports, including data and narrative sections.
○ Use data to guide program structure and youth support.
● Establish professional relationships with partner organizations.
○ Work closely with youth, PSSL staff, families, and schools to ensure adequate resources are
○ Create new partnerships to enhance programming.
○ Develop relationships with various partners including school staff, City departments, and
funders, and collaborate on programs and activities such as Parent Teacher Conferences, parent
engagement activities, and city/community events.
● Coordinate with the Family and Community Engagement team to conduct home visits and other outreach
to the community.
○ Help plan, coordinate, and implement quarterly family nights
○ Support and supervise City events .
● Others as assigned

Job Details

Open Date: 07-01-2022
Close Date: 07-15-2022
Pay Rate: $18.50
Job Status: Part Time
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Smith, Tori
South Salt Lake