Organization: Promise South Salt Lake
The Promise Family Liaison is a direct-service staff who works with families from diverse backgrounds and has a close
understanding of the community they serve. This trusting relationship enables them to serve as a liaison between
social services and the community to facilitate access to resources and improve the quality and cultural
competence of service delivery. They also build individual and community capacity by increasing knowledge and
self-sufficiency through a range of culturally and linguistically appropriate activities and services such as outreach,
community education, and advocacy.
People of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.
● Community Outreach & Engagement:
○ Assist Community Engagement Supervisor and Family Liaison Coordinator in managing the
entire operation of Family Liaison and community-led projects in all PSSL programs.
○ Work with community members and families to connect and creatively remove barriers to
accessing programs and services available that best suit their needs.
○ Communicate and distribute information on available/current resources and services.
○ Create spaces that are safe and affirming/welcoming for all individuals, including Black,
Indigenous, and People of Color, LGBTQ+ individuals, people from immigrant and refugee
backgrounds, People with Disabilities, and people with other marginalized identities.
○ Engage and empower community members and families with information, resources, and
community services to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes.
○ Plan and schedule PSSL and other community engagement events and activities with SSL
colleagues and partners.
○ Involve families in the completion of surveys, assessments, and other data collection.
● Collaboration:
○ Act as a liaison between PSSL programs, families, youth, schools, and other community
○ Build genuine relationships with families that support overall family well-being and healthy youth development.
○ Build and maintain partnerships that enhance programming and services.
○ Collaborate with Center Coordinators to implement site-specific family and community engagement plans.
○ Work independently and as part of a team to complete projects and duties including home visits, engagement
events, and outreach efforts.
○ Participate in PSSL Council work and provide leadership in the Promise Family Engagement
■ Committee, school teams, and other community boards.
○ Attend other meetings as appropriate.
● Administration:
○ Complete grant reporting and other required documentation on time.
○ Collaborate with Center Coordinators on the development of a functional communication plan to ensure
regular communication with families, partners, and community members.
○ Utilize PSSL communication tools and processes.
○ Maintain working knowledge of community resources and services.

Job Details

Open Date: 07-01-2022
Close Date: 07-15-2022
Pay Rate: $17.33 -$18.82 / hour
Job Status: Full Time
PDF of Job Description: Download file


Smith, Tori
South Salt Lake