Organization: University Of Utah
Join the Club U Summer Camp crew and get ready for the best summer of your life! Work on campus and enjoy making a positive difference in the lives of young children as you deliver engaging and enriching activities here at the University of Utah. Participate and lead campers in exciting journeys of educational exploration with hands on learning, fun community interactions, amazing field trips and more!

Not only will you be making many new friends across our diverse staff, you will also acquire and strengthen your skillsets in LEADERSHIP, COMMUNICATION, PROBLEM SOLVING, PRIORITIZATION, RISK MANAGEMENT, AND MORE! Grow as a leader and help our programs inspire the next generation through your positive example and gear up to make a difference in your community while having a ridiculously good time in the process. We welcome you to join our program and be your genuine self and help our team deliver the most amazing summer imaginable- this will be the best job that you have ever had!


1. Assist in the direction, supervision, and organization of campers in their camper group within activities and throughout the camp in order to meet the intended camper outcomes.

Assures campers are properly supervised at all times.
Apply basic youth development principles such as relationship development, respect for diversity, involvement and empowerment of youth while working with campers.
Be aware of, and implement safety guidelines.

2. Develop and implement activities for campers in accordance with the camp mission.

Lead and teach camp electives and activities.
Actively participate in all program areas as assigned.
Consider activities appropriate for individual and group interests and abilities.

3. Maintain high standards of health and safety for campers and staff.

Provide care for each camper within your supervision, including recognition of ones own personal health needs.
Be alert to campers and staff needs and assist them with personal and/or health problems; discuss with camp director when appropriate.
Be alert to equipment and facilities to ensure proper utilization, care, and maintenance is adhered to; report necessary repairs promptly to camp director.
Provide opportunities for discussion of individual or group problems or concerns.

4. Be a role model to campers and staff in your attitude and behavior.

Follow and uphold all safety and security rules and procedures.
Set a good example for campers and others including cleanliness, punctuality, personal language, appearance, health habits, sportsmanship, and manners.

5. Represent the camp when interacting with parents or community members.

Provide parents appropriate feedback and information as needed for their campers to have a successful camp experience.
Follow safety and security protocols when campers are in public while presenting a positive image of the camp.

Minimum Qualifications

Be physically able to accompany the campers to any of the camp activities.
Be able to communicate verbally with campers and provide instructions.
Have visual ability to recognize hazards in the camp setting as well as physical symptoms of camper injury or illness.
Have auditory ability to respond appropriately to hazards and any camper concerns.
Be able to observe camper behavior in daily life, to respond verbally to health and safety concerns, and to deal appropriately with any improper behavior.

Job Details

Open Date: 03-10-2022
Close Date: 08-31-2022
Pay Rate: $13.00
Job Status: Full Time
PDF of Job Description: Download file


Elliott Fraughton
Salt Lake City