Organization: University of Utah, CSME
Refugees Exploring the Foundations of UnderGraduate Education in Science (REFUGES) is a multi-component academic support and STEAM-enrichment program which supports roughly 80 students per year from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds as they progress from middle school to high school graduation. The REFUGES afterschool program meets 15 hours/week, which includes 6-9 hours of tutoring and 3-6 hours of
enrichment activities, usually provided by one of several partnering organizations. Program-related activities take place on- and off-campus on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons/evenings and on Saturday afternoons. For more information, visit

The primary responsibility of the Afterschool Program Coordinator is to coordinate and oversee all
Afterschool Program activities, including the supervision of a team of tutors. The incumbent will coordinate curriculum delivery and or development/design for the REFUGES Afterschool Program, including ongoing program assessment and improvement. He/she may provide tutoring, present curricula, assemble presentations, prepare materials and supports or facilitate classes, workshops, seminars and other enrichment activities. He/she will assist with program promotion and/or implementation, budget, administration and reporting. He/she will also ensure that the program complies with policies, procedures, grant regulations, and any obligations to the sponsors. The incumbent must pass a criminal background check and maintain on-going clearance to work with minors.

The coordinator is expected to establish a positive peer-mentor relationship with students and staff and participate in afterschool activities when possible. This position involves equal parts afterschool program facilitation and coordination (office duties), and as such requires a great deal of organization, hyper-vigilance and awareness of surroundings, an ability to think quickly on one’s feet and make fast, critical decisions. This position can be fast-paced and is at times stressful when unforeseen circumstances arise. This position can also involve a fair amount of physical activity as the coordinator transports supplies, walks between program areas, etc. The incumbent should expect frequent travel off-campus for meetings and field trips, and will also be expected to attend and facilitate off-campus Saturday activities at the Refugee Education and Training Center in South Salt Lake. Applicants should not be anticipating a traditional “office job”.

The REFUGES Afterschool Program is currently supported through 2023 by a 5-year grant from the Utah State Board of Education, which is in turn funded by the federal government. The continuity of this position both before and after 2023 is dependent upon continued funding of the grant program by the federal

Please feel free to contact the incumbent coordinator for more information or with any questions you may have .
(801) 694-0971,

Please be sure that you read the full job description on the University of Utah Job Board, as it contains more information about the position.

Job Details

Open Date: 07-17-2019
Close Date: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Pay Rate: $31600 - $45000
Job Status: Full Time


Caleb Webb
Salt Lake City