SWS 2021 | When Self-Care Fails

Jul 06, 2021 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Throughout the summer months, experts across a variety of disciplines will share their thoughts and ideas on how we can enrich our summer programming to support youth and families. 


Self-Care in an Ever-Changing World

Deborah Peel, Promise South Salt Lake

We have been inundated with talks and webinars about self-care since the beginning of the pandemic, however, creating a sustainable self-care routine can still feel daunting. This webinar will fill in the gaps between knowing self-care is important and creating a self-care plan that will fit your life and needs - and how to adapt your plan in our ever-changing reality. As part of self-care, we will talk about how to create a work-life balance and how to recognize and manage burnout at work. We will talk about tools available when it feels like self-care isn't enough and how to access resources and help when needed.

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