Mind Education Initiative Training - West Valley

Sep 20, 2023 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Join the International Youth Fellowship as they discuss the implementation of Mind Education. For more information and to register click here.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 20, starting 4:00 PM at Maverik Center; light dinner will be provided. The meeting will be followed by the 2023 Gracias Christmas Cantata, a musical extravaganza that has reunited families, strengthened communities, inspired young artists, and shared the love of God with those who need it the most. You will automatically get Reserved seats for the Gracias Christmas Cantata with attendance at the Youth Life Advancement Initiative meeting. Please RSVP to reserve seats for you and your guests both at the MIND EDUCATION INITIATIVE and the Gracias Christmas Cantata.

What is Mind Education?

Reflecting on the challenges young people face today, there is a greater sense of urgency for youth to obtain a successful and healthy mindset. Traditional education hints at equipping students with practical social wisdom and resilience of the heart but rarely addresses these topics directly. However, Mind Education covers a real-world tested curriculum that teaches the principles of the heart and mind. Those trained in Mind Education have been able to apply their training and improve the quality of their lives immediately and practically. With proper implementation through various societal institutions, students will use these tools to build a greater life for themselves and towards a brighter future for society.