Kelly Riding

Executive Director


Kelly Riding has over a decade of experience creating, managing, and sustaining high quality afterschool programs that yield positive outcomes for youth and families. Because of her passion for working with youth, Kelly moved from her northwest home to Salt Lake City in 2004 to work for Salt Lake County. While at Salt Lake County she served as the Youth Services Recreational Therapist and Afterschool Program Manager, as well as the Human Services Education Coordinator.

Over the years she has gained skills in aligning community organizations around outcomes, networking, leadership, budgeting, staff development, grant writing, training, data collection, grant management, and strategic planning. Kelly has held many of the key positions in the afterschool statewide nonprofit organizations. She served in all key leadership positions of the former Afterschool Utah Association and planned several statewide professional development conferences for afterschool program professionals. She also served on the Utah Afterschool Network Board of Directors for three years; two of those years she held the position as Board Chair.

Kelly received a master’s degree in Public Administration from Brigham Young University and holds a BS in Therapeutic Recreation and a minor psychology.