Ben Trentelman

Director of Operations



Ben Trentelman has had a vested interest in Afterschool Programs since he was a participant in Ogden’s Youth Impact program and Spy Hop Productions as a teenager. Through these programs he found a creative path to leadership and an appreciation for all that the community can to do support a young person and their ambitions. Throughout his time earning his degree in English from the University of Utah and after, Ben has worked with several youth serving and afterschool organizations including Higher Ground Learning, Youth Health Associates, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake and South Valley, and Salt Lake County Youth Services. Throughout his career Ben has organized community building events, statewide youth leadership conferences, and helped to pilot collaborative youth arts programs among various organizations.

After becoming the President of the Afterschool Utah Association, Ben was able to work hand in hand with the Utah Afterschool Network to merge the two organizations.

The common thread throughout Ben’s career has been creating opportunities to support and advocate for afterschool programs as he has facilitated workshops and trainings, sat on planning committees for statewide conferences to promote professional development and best practices for afterschool professionals, and been utilized as a knowledgeable resource and mentor for programs throughout the state.