Marlin Taylor

School-Age Child Care Specialist


Marlin comes from a long line of teachers, so it makes sense that education has always been her “thing.” And no age group is beyond her reach! She started her career as a linguistics researcher, teaching communications, English, and linguistics to university students in Utah and New York. Then she pivoted and spent a decade on the other end of the spectrum as a preschool teacher in Salt Lake City, where she developed a passion for bringing high-quality care and best practice into schools and childcare centers and especially project-based STEAM learning. During a brief stint in the corporate world, directing programming for all ages in a chain of private childcare centers, she developed an appreciation for the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) in classrooms. Marlin is excited to be working with adult learners again, this time in service of school-age children and promoting high-quality afterschool programming with UAN.

A local of Utah’s “Castle Country” in Eastern Utah, Marlin has the desert and the great outdoors in her veins. She is happiest when camping amidst the sandstone with her family, although escaping to the mountains in the summer is always welcome too. She also enjoys yarn work, crafting with her sixth grader, attending community events, and bingeing reality TV.

Specialties:  Early Childhood Education and SEL

Favorite Beverages: Coffee and Seltzer