Alex Frank

Out-of-School Time Specialist


The living embodiment of the conflict between nature and technology, Alex spent his childhood splitting time between creek-stomping and picking berries near his childhood homes in Wisconsin and Ohio and programming games onto his calculator. He carried those opposing passions to Macalester College in the Twin Cities, where he received degrees in both Environmental Sciences and Mathematics. Since then, he has traveled the country and worked as an educator at places like Seattle Audubon Society, Ogden Nature Center, and Discovery Gateway before arriving at UAN. Alex loves supporting the people and programs doing important work in Utah and facilitating cooperation and partnerships between organizations striving towards the goal of improving our community. In his free time he enjoys going on outdoor adventures with his very good boy--Kuda, coaching water polo, and cooking the best barbeque chicken you’ll ever have.  

Specialties – STEM & Environmental education, partnership development 

Favorite Drink – Jasmine Tea