Zoë Zulauf

AmeriCorps Program Director

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Zoe chased the snow and sandstone out to Utah in 2011. Between weekends rock climbing in Moab and skiing at Alta, they earned a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience at Westminster College. The interdisciplinary degree program allowed Zoe to explore a wide variety of scientific disciplines ranging from astrobiology to cognitive psychology, equipping them with broad knowledge of the STEM field.

Zoe is passionate about mission-driven work and local activism. As an AmeriCorps alum via the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake and the Utah STEM Initiative, Zoe gained a deep appreciation for the impact that volunteers and educators have on the communities they serve. They are proud to continue working in the world of local nonprofits in order to facilitate these meaningful community connections.

When Zoe isn’t nerding out over STEM education or playing outside, you can likely find them listening to vinyl records, training jiu-jitsu, watching Star Wars for the thousandth time, or knocking out the daily NYT Crossword.

Specialties: STEM, Experiential Education, Leadership Development, and Youth Services.

Favorite Beverage: Black coffee or guava juice, preferably not mixed together.