Angie Toone

School-Age Child Care Specialist

 Hello and welcome to the Angie Toone variety hour! Angie is a Utah native and came to UAN straight from kid wrangling at an afterschool program in the Salt Lake Valley. Her passion for child care and afterschool in particular STEM from her own wish for a cool kid’s club growing up. In high school, Angie got involved with volunteering for local organizations and realized the awesome power of working with kids and the importance of having safe spaces for kids to explore themselves and the world around them. Since then, she has worked with every age group from the tiniest of humans to the practically adults as a teacher, mentor, group facilitator, and role model. 

Angie received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah in Sociology and is currently a Master’s candidate in the Human Development and Social policy program also at the U. She loves people watching and has a ferocious curiosity about life. She especially loves talking with kids about how they see the world and hearing the hilarious things they have to say.  

When she’s not working or schooling, Angie loves baking, horror movies, and going on adventures with her husband and son. She will take any excuse to bake a new, super complicated treat and will never turn down an opportunity to stay in and watch movies as long as there are snacks and plenty of blankets to get cozy with. 

Favorite beverage: Coffee (Black or with cream and sugar, hot or iced, large or larger quantities, and especially if it comes with a pastry.)