Lauren Levorsen

School Alignment and Data Specialist

Lauren Levorsen grew up in a small Northern Utah town with a Mayberry feel.  Since moving away at 12, she has lived all over the world, including Massachusetts, Idaho, Puerto Rico, and Spain.  Although she’s spent most of her time in Utah, she considers herself a proud Bostonian…wicked smaht! 

Lauren made the move back to the west coast for college, graduated from BYU Idaho in 2017, and is a current M.Ed. candidate in Educational Psychology at the University of Georgia.  Go dawgs!  She happened upon afterschool programming by accident during her college years and fell in love with it on her first day as an afterschool professional.  Lauren has participated in multiple roles as an afterschool professional: youth librarian, frontline staff member, and program coordinator, all before stepping into her role at UAN as the School Alignment and Data Specialist.  Her main passion is inspiring and assisting youth and staff in being their best selves.

In her spare time, Lauren can be found studying for grad school, listening to podcasts, reading something from Brene Brown, taking a trip to Swig, or learning to bake.  She also loves spending time outdoors with her husband and two toddlers and organizing their next trip as a family.

Favorite beverage:  A tall glass of Diet Coke with pebble ice