Christopher Poole

AmeriCorps Program Director


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Chris, Christopher Poole, please. Originally from Queens, New York, Chris started his journey in the world of Youth Care and management, in 2009, when he worked with Vacamas Programs for Youth as an activity specialist. While there he found an interest in O.S.T. (Out of School Time) programming. Being a product of afterschool and community organizations himself, the thought was, why not be the type of person that molded him. As the years went on Chris found himself in great company, with his work with; The Fresh Air Fund, 1199 SEIU, and most recently a position with the New York City Department of Education.

Now, he has landed here with UAN, as the director of their AUSI, Americop program. He is looking forward to the work and the community that Utah and UAN have to offer. Also, hoping to learn to Ski, without losing a limb. The hope is that Chris and all his CBO knowledge will help with finding the right people for the right programs. Plus, it would be great for him to use these skills before they expire (fade away with old age).

Specialties: Crisis Management and Program Development (performing arts)

Favorite Beverage: Half and Half, iced Tea & Lemonade