Cassandra Wambach

AmeriCorps STEM Coordinator


Cassandra is originally from Rochester, New York, which she will adamantly remind you is 7 hours north of New York City and not even remotely similar. She did however begin her work in education in New York City with AmeriCorps at a school in the Bronx. It was her work with AmeriCorps and her amazing students that led her to five more years working with youth, schools, and afterschool programs, before finding her place with UAN. Cassandra has lived in three countries, five states, and traveled to many more, so she admits that choosing Salt Lake City to land in is a bit of an honor. She says that it is her love of people and the many things that make us different, as well as that make us the same, that inspires her both to travel and continue working in education. You might catch her on a hike in Bell’s Canyon (with her dog Chewie), riding down Jordan River (minus the dog, sorry Chewie), or hosting a Kan Jam tournament in her backyard (look it up)!

Specialties: Leadership facilitation, program management, youth empowerment

Favorite Beverage: Coffee with oat milk