Kelly Riding

Executive Director

Kelly Riding let go of a tree long enough to move from her home in the Pacific Northwest to Salt Lake City in 2004, where she combined her passions for the outdoors and working with youth as the Recreational Therapist for Salt Lake County Youth Services. From there she worked as the Afterschool Program Manager and the Human Services Education Coordinator. Fast forward 11 years, and by the time she headed over to UAN, she left behind eight afterschool programs and took with her one master’s degree in public administration. Kelly is an upbeat, fun-loving visionary and White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellow who is a fierce advocate for youth and families. She uses her warm personality and puts her (secret) cheerleading background to good use, motivating the UAN team to push through when the going gets tough.Out of the office, Kelly has been known to walk 50 miles in one day and has even completed a Spartan Beast race. When it comes to food, she will only purchase blueberries if they’re from Oregon, can make a mean salad, and she may or may not have a pebble ice addiction.

Specialties: Grant Writing, Strategic Planning, Community Building, Advocacy

Favorite Beverage: Diet Sprite with Pebble Ice