Angel Gomez

Out-of-School Time Specialist

As UAN’s personal office DJ, Angel Gomez has been known to shake his feet and groove to the beat from the comfort of his standing desk. Originally from West Los Angeles, he dabbled in the saxophone in his early years and developed an affinity for all things music, but since moving to Utah, Angel has found that his passion for helping people makes him a perfect fit in the afterschool field. Starting out as a teen doing court ordered community service, Angel eventually found himself as a Program Director for the Midvale Boys and Girls Club working with K-12 youth for almost five years. Maybe it’s his friendliness and open acceptance of others or maybe it’s the huaraches on his dancing feet, either way, youth and staff alike gravitate towards Angel. He enjoys supporting his son at baseball games in the summer and taking in the change of seasons in the winter, but we enjoy having him (and his Spotify picks) at UAN all year round.

Current Rotations: Menahan Street Band, ANY Soul Oldies from the 60’s, West Coast Hip-Hop

Specialties: Behavior Management, Reliable Observer for the Weikart Center’s Program Quality Assessment, Practice-Based Coaching, Dimensions of Success

Favorite Beverage: Black Coffee