Chaz Pounder

Out-of-School Time Specialist

Chaz Pounder’s desire to work with young people all started in the highlands of Layton, Utah. Chaz, who might be small in stature, is far manlier and braver than Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Rambo combined! Chaz’s arsenal of skills, training and many heroic triumphs include ten years of serving youth in Outdoor Recreation programs for the Boy Scouts, where he fought off dozens of rattlesnakes and even scared off a bear! He also molded the minds of young people in and out of the classroom for six years at North Davis Junior High and is continuing his education in communications at Weber State University. Now at UAN, Chaz seeks STEM-related thrills and thrives on providing valuable coaching and resources to program leaders. Chaz is a La Croix enthusiast and our office social media and communications guru. Although he has been on many adventures, Chaz is currently embarking on the greatest journey of his life as a first-time dad to Baby Girl Pounder!

Specialties: STEM, Reliable Observer for the Weikart Center’s Program Quality Assessment, Practice-Based Coaching, Dimensions of Success

Favorite Beverage: Key Lime La Croix