Kira Coelho

Out-of-School Time Specialist

Kira Coelho hails from Tulare, California. As a little girl with big dreams, Kira began dancing her way into the hearts of many with her superpower: youth advocacy. Fast forward to this side of Y2K, and Kira suited herself up with a bachelor's degree in Recreation Administration, focusing on Youth and Community Services. She works tirelessly to take afterschool dance and art programming for secondary aged youth to the next level. Since superheroes never sleep, she recently completed her master’s degree in community leadership and now suits up as a UAN OST Specialist. Kira is a fierce advocate of afterschool and summer programs and is not famous (yet) but has worked her way up in several circles so that now when Kira speaks, people listen. It's only a matter of time before Kira makes history as the greatest superhero of all time, but for now, we're just lucky to have this dancing advocate on our team.

Specialties: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA), Reliable Observer for the Weikart Center’s Program Quality Assessment, Practice-Based Coaching, Dimensions of Success

Favorite Beverage: Matcha Green Tea (Hot or Cold)