Emilie Holdaway

Professional Learning Systems Director

Emilie Holdaway is a straight shooter from St. George, Utah. She first ventured into the afterschool terrain while attending Utah State University where she rounded up youth, captured flags, and sang (way too many) camp songs. Over the last decade, she has worn all sorts of hats, including front line staff, program director, grant writer, and event planner. In time, Emilie moseyed on over to join the UAN team where she learned that her ace in the hole is her ability to meticulously plan and execute the grandest of ideas. Although she has an exceptionally low tolerance for scary movies, Emilie laughs in the face of danger. She’s a wanted woman in these parts for her exceptional attention to detail and her ability to juggle multiple events and tasks at the same time. At home on the range in Ogden, Emilie loves to play and travel with her favorite cowboy and little outlaw.

Specialties: Events, Afterschool PD Incentive

Favorite Beverage: Sarsaparilla