Our Mission & Vision

Utah Afterschool Network is a statewide agency that ensures Utah’s children have access to high-quality afterschool programs that keep them engaged, learning, and safe. We assist afterschool teams in building quality programs by mentoring program staff, facilitating professional learning opportunities, and collaboratively creating a model of best practices for programs statewide. We also support national and statewide advocacy initiatives that promote afterschool programs.


Utah Afterschool Network is a catalyst for building strong, safe, and healthy afterschool programs to support youth, families, and communities.


Every child in Utah has access to high-quality afterschool programs.

Value Statements

YOUTH deserve to feel loved, safe, and supported by caring relationships, empowering them to foster growth within themselves and within their communities.

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS are a safe and enriching space for all youth by providing an intentionally structured environment influenced by youth voice, relationships, and a sense of belonging. These programs are part of the larger community as they support families and individuals with a wide variety of needs, backgrounds, and demographics in an evolving society.

WE ARE A TEAM of passionate, quality-driven individuals who are dedicated to the ideals and needs of youth and families. Our team facilitates quality growth of afterschool programs by using personal experiences, relevant research, and evidence-based strategies to engage and empower afterschool professionals who serve youth and families outside of the school day.