Utah Afterschool Professional Credential

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Expectations for afterschool programs are high. Education reformers point to the potential of afterschool and summer programs to close achievement gaps, increase third grade reading proficiency and improve community outcomes. Year after year more research shows these goals can be achieved. Utah will not be able to sustain these outcomes without a quality workforce. The Utah Afterschool Professional Credential is one key way to develop workforce and program quality. The credential provides an aligned professional development system that provides supportive coursework, a registry to track professional accomplishments and a system of professional recognition. Your participation in the Credential is an important milestone in your career. The professional learning opportunities provide a continuum of learning that will help you offer the highest quality service to Utah children, youth and families.


How to Apply for the Afterschool Professional Credential:

1. Complete the Afterschool Professional Credential Application

2. Complete the Afterschool Professional Credential Verification Form, which includes:

     a. Work Experience Verification

     b. Training Verification

     c. Professional Activities Verification

     d. Applicant Summary

Eligible afterschool professionals who complete all requirements and turn in all required documents on time will receive a financial award.

**Financial awards are limited**


Application deadline: May 15, 2017


Afterschool Professional Credential Brochure

Afterschool Professional Credential Application (Print out, Complete, and MAIL to Utah Afterschool Network)

Afterschool Professional Credential Verification Form (Download Excel Document, Complete, Save as Excel Document and EMAIL to Utah Afterschool Network)

Frequently Asked Questions

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